SCORE Business Units

SCORE recognises that work experience is also an important part of offenders' journey to reintegration. The work programmes provide offenders with relevant skills, instils positive work ethics and facilitates their eventual reintegration into the Singapore workforce as productive and contributing citizens.

The work programme is implemented in 2 ways; through SCORE-managed business units and Private Sector Participation Scheme.

SCORE-Managed Business Units

SCORE-managed business units are supervised by SCORE staff to provide goods and services for customers. Inmates are trained in the production process to meet customers' stringent quality requirements and products are ship-to-stock to meet customers' turnaround time.

Private Sector Participation Scheme

SCORE leases workshop to the private sector companies under the Private Sector Participation scheme (PPS). Under this scheme, private firms set up factories within the prisons and provide management, supervision, equipment, technical expertise and raw materials while SCORE and Prisons Department manage the welfare and discipline of the offenders.

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