Sponsor the Yellow Ribbon Project

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 16

The Yellow Ribbon Project is a community effort in which everyone, both individual and corporate sponsors, can pitch in and support. You can show your support for the Yellow Ribbon Project through:

In-kind sponsorship

You can donate goods and services to help Yellow Ribbon Project events e.g. Yellow Ribbon Prison Run become more impactful. From goodie bag items to transportation services, every little bit counts.

Collaboration to co-create programmes

You can show your support by partnering with us to co-create programmes that will help to spread the message of second chances. Through the years, Yellow Ribbon has partnered with schools, organisations and individuals to co-create programmes that can help to raise awareness.

For further queries on sponsorships, please contact: 

Ms. Shariffa
Tel: 6214 2857
Email: yellow_ribbon_proj@yahoo.com.sg