About YRF STAR Bursary

The YRF STAR (Yellow Ribbon Fund Skills Training Assistance to Restart) Bursary aims to provide bursaries to financially needy ex-offenders for vocational and skills training to help them build viable futures for themselves and their families through upgrading employability and self-sufficiency. The bursary covers up to 100% of the course fee, and on a case-by-case basis, living allowance and book grants. The bursary is open to inmates who are due for impending release and who wish to pursue training after release.

Since the establishment of YRF STAR Bursary in 2010, a total of 73 students have enrolled in the YRF STAR Bursary programme, out of which, 23 have successfully graduated with a recognised diploma, which significantly enhanced their employability. Thirty-one of them are currently studying with support from YRF STAR Bursary.