Yellow Brick Road (YBR)

The Yellow Brick Road Programme was developed in 2014 with the aim of reducing the detrimental effects of incarceration and burden on families and children of inmates. This is done through the provision of case management services for families, structured workshops and enrichment activities for the children.

In July this year, the Yellow Brick Road Programme was enhanced with a focus on building the future of offenders’ children with one-to-one home-based tuition and developing hidden potential and talents through social enrichment workshops. To date, more than 54 families and 86 children of inmates and ex-offenders have benefited from programmes under the Yellow Brick Road.

Ms Natasha Liok-Quek, a volunteer with the Yellow Brick Road Programme, shared the importance of such bonding programmes “Parents who are incarcerated, their children and even their own elderly parents may not know how best to express their feelings. Hence this programme helps to establish the connection and rebuild the relationship between loved ones”.

YBR Event

YBR Event

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