CARE Network - 2011
With the introduction of Mandatory Aftercare Scheme and the increasingly challenging inmate profile, there is a need to build capability and capacity in the aftercare sector so to enhance the support for offenders. Thus CARE Network Learning Journey and Attachment Programme were introduced in 2011. 



CARE Network - 2013

The first CARE Network Workplan Seminar was held in 2013 to create a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among the CARE Network partners. 



CARE Network - 2014

 The Developmental Framework for Offender Rehab Personnel (DORP) was implemented in 2014 to enhance service delivery for CARE Network partners who undertake offender work, ensure professionalism and help to manage the complex needs of offenders in their rehabilitation journey. 


CARE Network - 2015

As part of CARE Network’s effort to build evidence-based practices in the aftercare sector, Singapore Aftercare Association (SACA) has embarked on conducting local research to build capability in the sector.


With effect from 4th Nov 2015 CARE Network member agencies increased from 8 to 9, with Yellow Ribbon Fund (YRF) as the latest addition. This is intended to enhance co-ordination to provide seamless throughcare support, ensure CARE Network’s objectives are better resourced and align YRF’s funding with national priorities to maximize impact.