Launch of CN

The Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-offenders (CARE) Network was formed in May 2000 to co-ordinate and improve the effectiveness among many agencies’ effort in engaging rehabilitative works for ex-offenders in Singapore.

There are close to 9000 inmates released from prison each year. The transition from prison to the outside world is fraught with difficulties caused by stigmatization of their past imprisonment. It is with this in mind that the CARE Network was set up in 2000 to garner greater community support and involvement.

This is the first formal structure that brings together the key players in the community to promote seamless incare to aftercare support for ex-offenders. The network aims to engage the community in rehabilitation, coordinate member agencies activities and develop innovative rehabilitative initiatives. We are a group of public and non-government agencies involved in re-entry management. It is an alliance, pooling resources and coordinating activities, because we recognize that we would be more effective acting together, rather than going it alone.

Our Story

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