YRP Campaign

For Jason, the incarceration of his dad may be a traumatic event. Children like Jason, are forced to face the economic and social consequences that can lead to poor performance at school, behavioral issues and relationship problems. Jason is ashamed when his friends ask where his parents are. The displacement of a caregiver may affect a child adversely as they are faced with challenges that require maturity far beyond their years.

YRP Campaign

Susan wants to provide a safe and stable home for her family and is at her breaking point because her husband is jobless. Losing the breadwinner takes a toll on the stability of the family, both financially and emotionally. Employment is a key pillar that supports the reintegration of ex-offenders. With a stable source of income upon release, they are better able to rebuild the lives of their families. The community has a key role to play in giving ex-offenders hope for a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

YRP Campaign

Teck Lim is not able to enjoy his golden retirement years as he is shunned by friends and relatives. His friends dislike being associated with someone who has “raised a criminal”. We often forget about the extended families whose lives are affected when their loved ones are incarcerated.

Every year, more than 9,000 inmates are released from prison. Some struggle to reintegrate into the society as they face stigmatisation from the community. Often, families and especially children of ex-offenders bear the impact and suffer in silence too. As a member of the community, you play a crucial role in helping them to create an inclusive society together. Find out more on what you can do below:

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